Vacation Countdown Widget

Now you can download and display a countdown clock widget on any common platform including Blogger, MySpace, IGoogle, Twitter, Typepad, WordPress, Windows Vista and many others. It's more than just a countdown clock - tell your visitors when and where you are going, display "I'm away" message counting down to your return while you are on holidays, and keep track of time passed since your last holiday - all in one free widget!

What does it do?

what does it do step 1? what does it do step 2? what does it do step 3?

Before Your Trip Starts

Count down to your trip

During Your Trip

Tells When You're Back

After Your Trip Ends

Counts days since your trip
Countdown Gadget Screen 1 Countdown Gadget Screen 2 Countdown Gadget Screen 3

Our vacation ticker comes in a variety of skins to better suit your site. Just click on the "Get It Now" button above and follow the prompts to install the style that you like.


After you click on "Get Widget" you will be presented with a configuration panel where you can enter your trip start/end dates using a calendar as well as your destination.

  1. Check the preview screen to make sure that the wording is correct. Destination field can be anything: i.e. Hiking, Mars, Europe, Sydney etc...
  2. Trip end date and your destination are optional fields.
  3. Trip end date can be in the past - then our widget will immediately show the number of days passed since your vacation. So, if you ever forget to update your widget for your next vacation, then you can still get a new widget which will immediately count the days passed from the end of your holiday, so you won't forget to take a new break ;)
  4. Trip start date can also be in the past - once again our widget will automatically show the correct message depending on whether you have come back from your holiday.

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Configure Your Widget

*My Trip Starts:

My Destination:

My Trip Ends:

Widget Skin:
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